Effect of Coconut Water and GA3 Concentrations on in vitro Clonal Propagation of Potato Cultivars from Nepal


  • Durga Prasad Kafle Orcid
  • Sanam Parajuli
  • Aastha Upreti
  • Dhurva Prasad Gauchan Orcid


Nodal propagation plays a crucial role in mass multiplication of potato plants. Growth regulators and media selection have an impact on the efficacy and quality of propagation. Both coconut water, a naturally occurring organic source of growth-promoting compounds, and the synthetic growth regulator GA3 (gibberellic acid-3), have the ability to accelerate plant growth. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of growth regulators and media, specifically GA3 and coconut water (CW) in agar-based media (ABM) and Clarigel-based media (CBM) which is a Gellan gum-based media, on potato nodal propagation. In contrast to the control group, GA3 in ABM did not produce definitive results, however GA3 in CBM showed a considerable level of efficacy. For the Janak Dev variety, CBM surpassed ABM in terms of root length, root hairs, leaf size, and dry biomass, whereas ABM demonstrated superior root length for the cardinal variety. In comparison to the GA3 alone at concentration ranges from 0 to 2 mg/L, adding CW at 200 mL/L to CBM or combining GA3 (0.25 mg/L) and CW (10 mL/L) substantially enhanced features including shoot length, leaf size, and root growth for both kinds. Acclimatized plantlets had a survival efficiency of 85% to 95%, with CBM supplemented with GA3 showing the highest survival rate and CBM supplemented with CW coming in second. These results highlight the significance of growth regulator and media choice in enhancing potato nodal propagation for improved plant quality and multiplication.